Pokemon GO players argue over which shiny version is the worst in the entire game

Fans started a discussion about which shiny creature looks the ugliest. Blissey and more were mentioned.

It will surprise no one that shiny versions of Pokemon are a coveted collector’s item. Players are always happy when they come across such a creature. Especially if it’s a really rare species, such as a legendary Pokemon only available during specific events.

While in most cases the shiny creature strongly distinguishes itself from its basic look, unfortunately, this is not the case with every species. According to some fans of the title, some shiny varieties are simply stupidly designed, so much so that you can hardly see the difference from the original.

The community has started a discussion about which shiny version is the worst, and it’s hard to believe that someone released such a poor choice of colors.

The worst shiny versions in Pokemon GO

Shiny creatures usually look really good, as their appearance is unique and stands out strongly. It’s hard not to notice a golden Magikarp or a black Charizard.

Unfortunately, sometimes the appearance of the Pokémon is so bad that players are not happy that they ended up with shiny versions. Rather, they wonder who came up with such a color palette.

Recently on the Pokemon GO Reddit, one user asked which shiny variety was the ugliest of all. In his opinion, the shiny Blissey wins here. The player was shocked that “someone was paid real money to design something like that.”

For the record, Blissey and its shiny version look like this:

In the comments, it was admitted that the appearance of the creature is really disappointing.

I didn’t know what shiny Blissey looked like before evolving so was kind of expecting a similar look as Chancey. I was so disappointed.

Another fan wrote that in his opinion Elekid is the worst performing.

I have never been able to tell a shiny Elekid from a regular one without them being labelled

It would seem that these are isolated “slip-ups” by designers, but there are many more examples of this type. Among the comments mentioned are Zapdos, Regice, and, perhaps surprisingly, Pikachu.

It must be admitted that the above few examples prove that some shiny versions do not look very creative. So it’s not surprising that some players don’t notice at all that they’ve caught a rare specimen.