What Minecraft players would love to remove from the game? One and the same answer is repeated

Players via Reddit made a simple “poll”. They asked others what they would like to remove from the game.

At one time, everyone was happy that Mojang was acquired by Microsoft. The game has been greatly improved. With time, however, the situation changed until the last few months back.

Microsoft didn’t deliver many of the things that were promised or shown. Additionally, solutions have been introduced that literally do not appeal to anyone. So it’s not hard to see why the perception of players has changed a lot.

What would people remove from the game?

“If you could remove anything from Minecraft, what would it be?” – one of the players asks. The answers are unlikely to be shocking.

The responses say “reporting” and “Microsoft”. There are literally no responses other than individual messages from players about some unimportant elements.

Never before have gamers complained about Microsoft to such an extent. Some people liked it, others ignored it, now most are in favor of Microsoft’s withdrawal, although of course it is impossible.

Developers now have a very hard nut to crack. What can they do to appease players? Is it enough to delete reporting, or will they simply have to start doing what was declared?