Unusual way to earn money in Minecraft. You may be surprised to see how much such nicknames are worth

Minecraft players, like other online productions, are famous for their creativity, not necessarily related to building.

Every player would like a great nickname, some are even willing to pay for it. Hardly anyone knows, but in the world of Minecraft, there is quite a large and extensive market for rare or special nicknames. People who have been playing for a long time are able to earn really good money on it.

Of course, 1-letter nicks are the most expensive, but there are practically no such nicks for sale and it is difficult to assess how much they could be worth at the moment. Similarly, no one puts 2-letter ones up for sale in 2021.

How much do nicknames cost in Minecraft?

The easiest way to find 3-letter nicknames, although they cost quite a lot. Public offers start at $ 1,500 and go up to $ 5,000.

The range is quite large, which proves that it is difficult to name the price of nicknames in question. The 4 letters are already much cheaper, but it also depends on whether they are one word or a sequence of characters. “Normal” words can still be very expensive. Even today, there are nicknames worth $ 2,000 on the market.

Of course, the sale of accounts is prohibited, but hardly anyone cares about it. It’s not incredibly common, so Mojang doesn’t really control it. For example, in League of Legends, sales often lead to a permanent suspension of the account. In Minecraft, this is probably not the case.

This is why all kinds of “available nicknames” search engines, which show when a given nick is free, are very popular.

You can see that today there will be a hunt for the nickname “U_S”, and tomorrow “buoy”. For some, this is a way to earn a lot of money.