A transformed world of Minecraft that only players with the best computers can test

Minecraft allows for great freedom when it comes to various types of modifications.

There have been a lot of great mods in the history of Minecraft that made MC a virtually different game. In the case of an emerging project of one of the Reddit users, it is similar. You can see that it’s still Minecraft but on completely different principles.

A user with the nickname “Adventure4544” shared his work on a mod pack that introduces Minecraft to a completely different atmosphere. However, it seems that only the best computers will be able to afford the installation.

A world full of great creatures

The short material shows how much potential lies in this project. Of course, the look of the whole game changes. However, this is only the beginning. In addition to the HUD, new items and of course shaders, the player also added completely new mechanics.

So far, relatively little is known about the project, but it has already aroused considerable interest. For what reason? This is perfectly reflected in a short clip showing a fight with one of the ice creatures.


To defeat the boss, you need to have good equipment and be prepared for his attacks. That’s something that will set this mod pack apart from the standard game.

Unfortunately, it is not known when it will be possible to play this version of Minecraft, it is probably a project for the next few months, so the topic will be silent for a while. This short clip can be seen as a harbinger of something that could make a lot of noise on the stage.