This is what the never used Minecraft logo from 2009 looks like, which virtually nobody knows about

Hardly anyone knows, but the Minecraft logo has changed several times. It was always a bunch of letters but styled completely differently than today.

Most people know the Minecraft logo from the most recent version. No wonder, this familiar shape has been around since 2012.

However, it is completely not that the logo was like this from the beginning. This current version has undergone subtle changes in 2015, but previously it looked completely different.

What did the Minecraft logo look like in the past?

The first version of the logo, officially seen by all players, was as follows:

Such a logo was used from the release of the game, from 2009 to 2011. Some will know it perfectly well, others will see it for the first time. However, it was not the logo that was originally supposed to appear.

Mojang created one more logo that was never used. It was too childish, too complicated. The studio needed something minimalist, so this look was abandoned in 2009:

Hardly anyone will remember it, but yes. This is how it was supposed to look officially. It is rather good that this has been completely abandoned.