The new Minecraft update has made it possible for the first time to make an undetectable trap

Update 1.19 changed Minecraft in many ways. Opinions vary about the patch, but players are seeing more and more interesting uses for the various items Mojang introduced.

There are many different opinions about Update 1.19. For some it fits the game, others might spend a few days just complaining. But surely the part of the community that focuses on creating traps is happy. Mainly because so far the traps, no matter how complicated, were detectable.

Sometimes it was about hitboxes, sometimes you had to activate the plate. It was practically always possible to avoid a threat by just being careful. Now that has changed.

It is undetectable

Now, with the Sculk Sensor in the game that detects any sounds, including, for example, players walking, making traps has become incredibly easy. Just place the sensor in the right place under the map, connect TNT and it’s ready.


These traps can be various, and the whole thing is very simple to make. When someone approaches, they can fall into the lava, they can be blown up, you can do anything. Keep this in mind, especially on servers where trolling is normal.