Snapshot 22w45a is in Minecraft. What changes have been made to the game?

What changes have hit Minecraft as part of the latest snapshot?

Snapshot 22w45a is the next one for version 1.19.3. Minecraft developers usually announced new updates during the game’s biggest annual community event – Minecraft Live. This time, however, the theme of the update was not revealed, and only information about specific new features that were already in the final stages was shared with players.

A plus for fans may be that the test versions are released just a week apart from the event. Players can already test most of the new features shown by Mojang. What exactly has been added in the latest 22w45a snapshot?

News from snapshot 22w45a


  • Player
    • Added new default skins for offline players.
    • The old skins have been removed, with the new skins being located on a new folder.
  • Vex
    • Changed its model and textures.
    • Retains a slightly oversized hitbox to make it easier to fight.


  • Scaffolding
    • Changed its texture.
  • Shulker Box
    • Now will pop off blocks attached (such as torches) to the opened faces when opening.
    • While open, blocks which require support cannot be placed on these open faces.


  • Bucket
    • Water buckets can now be emptied into waterlogged blocks.


  • Options
    • Added Operator Items Tab option in the Controls menu, which is off by default.
  • Creative Inventory
    • The textures for the tabs are now skinnier.
    • Operator-only items now appear in a new Operator Utilities tab if the player has both the “Operator Items Tab” option in Controls menu set to ON and the required operator permissions.
      • The tab is hidden if operator permissions are lost while inventory is open.
      • Now also includes structure blocks and all light levels of light blocks.
    • Added a Colored Blocks tab.
      • Contains all blocks with 16 color variants.
      • Moved all colored blocks from Building Blocks tab to this tab instead to make that tab less sizeable.
    • Consumables tab has been renamed to Food & Drinks tab to have a more straightforward name.
    • Crafting tab has been renamed to Ingredients tab since not all items are used in crafting.
    • Reordered:
      • Natural Blocks
        • More consistency between types for the top section.
        • Moved eggs to be between seeds and single-block plants.
        • Placed climbable plants above double-block plants.
      • Food & Drinks
        • Cooked versions of raw food are now right next to each other.
      • Redstone Blocks
        • Less cluttered.
        • Higher importance items up the top.
        • Removed variants of boat with chests, buttons, doors, fence gates, pressure plates and trapdoors that don’t have any functional difference.
      • Ingredients
        • Placed lapis in the same order as ore blocks.
    • Moved bottle o’ enchanting from the Tools & Utilities tab to the Ingredients tab next to enchanting books.
    • Added:
      • All axes to the Combat tab (they still remain in the Tools & Utilities tab as well).
      • All possible suspicious stews to the Consumables tab.
        • The tooltip will show the effect of a stew before it’s picked up from the Creative Inventory.
        • Only stews with effects available via crafting or mooshrooms are listed.
      • Pressure plates and buttons of each type to the Building Blocks tab.
      • Almost all lighting blocks to the top of the Functional Blocks tab.
      • All 3 flight durations of fireworks to Tools & Utilities tab, and the Combat tab next to crossbow.
      • Eye of ender next to end portal frame block in Functional tab for better ease of use.
    • Tooltips for all items in Creative Menu outside single-category tabs will show categories where this item can be found.
      • Previously this only happened on the search tab.