Only a few Minecraft players will notice something strange here. The possibilities of the new option

In the latest Minecraft update, the developers added the ability to rearrange books on shelves at will.

The ability to rearrange books on the shelves is a small but important feature. This will come in handy not only for people who are nuts about decoration, but also for players who create various kinds of puzzle maps.

Thanks to this, you can set or create really interesting shapes, which at first glance are not visible at all. One such example is this entry:

Only a few saw this right away

One player simply added a graphic and asked what people generally thought of the feature.

Do you see anything strange here? Most people would pass by this completely unaware that there is a very definite shape here. It’s made easier for anyone who has played or is familiar with Among Us.

Spotting this without this hint is really difficult, and perfectly demonstrates why it will often be used to hide various hidden paths or features.