90% of Minecraft players don’t know about this simple trick to jump further

There are many different kinds of tricks in Minecraft that are worth knowing. This is one of them.

Virtually every Minecraft player at least once tried to go through parkour-type maps. Many times you can come across jumps that theoretically cannot be done. This is only theoretical, as there are ways to extend your jump by several percent.

Performing these tricks is not difficult, you just need to know about a certain rule that successfully allows you to cheat the system.

How to jump further?

Jumping farther than normal is possible, among other things, by changing the direction of where you look during flight. This gives you about 2% extra speed and allows you to make jumps that, without turning 45 degrees, simply have no chance of succeeding.

How exactly to do it? While being in the air, simply point your mouse to the left or right by about 45 degrees. You will notice the effect the first time:


It is very simple and effective. Surprisingly, in a survey conducted on Reddit, players said that they have been playing for a very long time, and had not heard of it at all before. Of course, people who go through some sort of parkour every day are well aware of it, but for others it may be some novelty.