Mojang has quietly changed something in Minecraft that makes it difficult to land without taking damage

In Minecraft 1.19, Mojang changed one thing that is not annoying in theory, but can cost players all of their EQ under certain circumstances.

Today, update 1.19 will officially come to Minecraft, which introduces a lot of news, but at the same time changes one of the absolutely basic things. Everyone knows that there are many ways in the game to avoid falling damage.

One of them is, of course, the use of water – this neutralizes the effect of falling, and the player can safely get water back into a bucket and move on. Update 1.19 changes that in some way.

What’s changing with that?

You can still put water under you to survive, but you won’t succeed when you land on a tree. As the leaves absorb water, you will be liquidated when you land on a tree.

This is a small but important change that can be really irritating in certain situations. However, this is something that will make your life difficult only every now and then, so you just have to accept it and keep it in mind when playing Minecraft.