Minecraft asks players if they agree that this is the best wood in the game

Mojang rarely gets into any kind of discussion with players, but now the official account actually asked what players thought of “the best wood”.

Minecraft offers a whole host of different blocks for you to choose from. Players are given incredible freedom when it comes to building, creating, changing the world. Virtually everyone who builds their own hut already has the materials they will use in mind.

Most players have favorite blocks, favorite combinations of, for example, wood. Therefore, the question of Mojang caused a lot of emotions, because the developers chose the best wood in their opinion and asked if the players agreed.

Which wood is considered to be the best?

Mojang asked the community if they thought a block of oak wood was the best type of wood in the game. Jokingly, yes, but this is one of the most popular Twitter posts in the last few days.

A lot of people agreed, but some didn’t. Many players mention that spruce wood is the best in their opinion. The most popular answer is how to sort the wood:

  • Spruce
  • Dark oak
  • Birch

Certainly spruce has its supporters. Just like pine. In fact, all of them have their own different types, it is difficult to name one wood that fits everything best.