How much do girls who play Minecraft with boys for money earn?

Women have many opportunities to earn money online, and men do as well. One of them is to play with others for money.

Already a few years ago, special sites were created, which are best known in the LoL community. There, men and women offer to play for money. Funnily enough, most men offer themselves completely for free. Women already have considerable stakes.

You can play various productions, including Minecraft. The record holder played more than 15,000 times, from which she drew a really considerable amount.

How much money can be made from this?

This particular girl has a total of three items on offer. These can be purchased with special points, while their conversion rate is quite simple. 1 point is 1 dollar. And so:

  • 3 dollars – 15 minutes
  • 10 dollars – an hour
  • 12 dollars – an hour on someone’s server

Taking into account this cheapest variant, that is, for $3, the girl earned a total of 46,860 points. And this translates into $46,860.

As you can see, it is possible to make money not only from being a youtuber or streamer. You can simply play with others and make really good money from it.