Great trailer for Minecraft mod. The modification introduces many cute mobs to the game

Many player-friendly mobs have been added to Minecraft thanks to this modification.

Minecraft is one of the most popular productions among players who love to modify their favorite games. The gameplay, which allows for a lot, is additionally expanded with mods and packs, thanks to which you can find practically everything in it.

In the past, you could read about the Create mod, introducing many technical components into the game that can allow you to create a working factory, or about a texture pack that makes buildings in Minecraft look like real home interiors. What did fans decide to add this time?

Critters and companions

The mod called Critters and companions introduces many new cute creatures to the game that can be found in the real world. At the moment, these include otters, ferrets, dragonflies, and red pandas.

One of the members of the group that worked on the modification – juuccaa created its trailer that focuses on introducing the new mobs.


Many fans of Minecraft found that the trailer looks great, and the modification fits perfectly into the style of the game for which it was created. Critters and companions is available for download on the curseforge platform. The creators shared a complete list of added mobs with their short descriptions.

  • Otter: Will open clams to find pearls. Pearls are used to craft the pearl necklace.
  • Ferret: Can be tamed with raw rabbit to help you hunt chickens and rabbits.
  • Koi fish: Spawns in rivers and can be picked up with a bucket.
  • Dumbo octopus: Spawns in deep oceans and can be picked up with a bucket.
  • Sea bunny: Spawns in oceans and can be picked up with a bucket.
  • Dragonfly: Spawns over rivers.
  • Leaf insect: Spawns in forests.
  • Red panda: Spawns in jungles and sleeps through the day.