Due to the change in diamonds in Minecraft this is now the best place to look for them

Minecraft already changed one thing about diamonds a few months ago, but still many people are not aware of it.

Everyone knows for sure that it used to be enough to really enter the cave and look around. The diamonds were clearly visible and it was normal to find 5-7 of them in one place.

Now it practically does not happen. Of course, you can still find diamonds at the entrance to the cave, but usually, it’s one or two blocks and that’s it. Why is this the way it is? It is about a change that was made last year.

Where is the best place to look?

Due to the change, diamonds appear more often in undiscovered and unaffected locations, it is best to look for them in a specific location. You can of course dig in random directions or, as the best players suggest – go swimming.

Minecraft generates diamonds not only in rocks but also in water. All because the system sees other blocks around it and reads it as an “undiscovered” place. Meanwhile, players can see diamonds in the water from a really great distance.

If you come across a cave with water, it is worth checking it out and searching a bit more thoroughly. You may find quite a lot of diamonds thanks to this.