Bears, snakes, birds or fireflies. This is what the Minecraft update players want looks like

The “Wild Update” did not fully meet the expectations of the players. Therefore, they decided to take matters into their own hands.

Mojang wanted to completely rebuild the issues related to wild animals, but in the end, it turned out that these more interesting projects and ideas were canceled. The players do not fully understand the reasons, so they made it on their own.

Of course, the mods will never be as good as the official release, but it’s worth at least a try. This is how the “Naturalist” update was created, introducing many long-awaited elements to Minecraft.

Mojang may be ashamed now

If Mojang couldn’t handle it, the players did. Butterflies, dragonflies, fireflies, and a mass of various interesting animals were introduced, which, with the support of Mojang, could be more than just a visual addition.

The worst part is that everything is actually ready here – all the mobs look and work well. So the question is, why didn’t Mojang do it?

This is another example of how a community can organize itself and create something interesting. At the moment, the modification can be found on the well-known “curseforge” site. You just need to search for its name “Naturalist”.

Mojang could easily introduce it as a permanent addition and simply develop functions related to bears or snakes, so that they impose some effects on players or have an impact on the entire environment.