A secret room in Minecraft that many players still do not know of

Minecraft contains a few secrets that, although they have existed in the game for many years, still many people do not know about them.

Secret rooms are not a huge novelty in Minecraft. In fact, for some reason, players do not know about it at all, which is perfectly shown by the videos on TikTok. Perhaps the MC generation has changed in the meantime, or maybe it’s not just general knowledge.

There are several secret rooms in Minecraft, but the most popular ones can be found especially in winter biomes. To get to it, you need to find a specific entrance, hidden “in the floor”.

A secret room in Minecraft

It is important to know that not all carpets have this entrance, but in many cases we will actually be able to find it. It is generated naturally in the igloo. However, few people look there, and sometimes it’s really worth it.

In some igloos, we will be able to go down using a specially prepared ladder. Using it, you will get to a secret room.

There will be golden apples or special elixirs waiting for us inside.

If you encounter an igloo, it is worth entering it and checking if you have come across one with a secret room. More than once this structure gets buggy, as a result of which it is visible even on the surface.

This is nothing that players do not know, but it can certainly be a curiosity for the younger generation and something that is not obvious to them.