A dark story of the most expensive Minecraft account. Its owner was to steal millions of dollars

There are a lot of really rare accounts in Minecraft that are commonly referred to as “OG”. Many of them belong to the same man who spent a year in prison.

There was a lot of talk in the Minecraft community about an account with the name “8” – mostly because of a video that was made back in 2017.

The account was then to be sold for $ 8,000. Today it is said to be owned by Xzavyer, a person who also owns other incredibly rare accounts – “g” or “Fox”.

Today it is widely known that Xzavyer spent some time in prison, although no one really knows if he is still in it or not.

Even on social profiles and forums, you can see the posts of other users who wish him good luck in prison. What’s this about and who is it?

The most expensive Minecraft account and its history

Xzavyer made a fortune – several million dollars in fraud. He was one of the first to use an advanced method of theft by telephone. Years ago, it was a big thing even on television. The player was arrested in 2017, one month after the first arrests in the case appeared. Xzavyer was one of the first to be charged and convicted.

He was such an interesting person that, in addition to luxury cars, he also bought the rarest Minecraft accounts. He had such a hobby, after all, he had BTC worth 3.4 million dollars.

The accounts that he supposedly owns today are:

  • 8
  • g
  • Fox
  • Nova

All of them are somehow very rare and unique – be it by name or by the capes they have. This story does not continue, because it is not known what happens to the owner. In theory, he’s released and continues to play Minecraft, but might as well still be in jail.