“I counted 40 of these in 9 minutes.” A huge plague of Lost Ark bots taking a queue

A plague of bots is coming to Lost Ark, players are concerned about the current situation.

A few days ago, we wrote about community-observed bots with super speed. Now it turns out that there are definitely more of them than previously thought.

They do the main quests at dizzying speed, additionally take up the queue, which makes it more difficult for normal players to get to the servers, and this is not entirely to the liking of the community.

Waves of bots

Virtually every MMO RPG has bots. They are human replacement programs in many ways. They can go fishing, chop down trees, and even complete main missions. The latter case is related to Lost Ark, where a large number of bots have been spotted. This is especially true of low-level locations.

One of the players decided to do a little experiment and left his character in the location where, according to the plot, we meet Armen. What happened? As WikY28 claims, he counted about 40 characters without any title, walking the same path, without using horses, and none of them has taken the obviously visible mokoko.


The entire experiment lasted 9 minutes and took place on the Adrinne NA-E server during peak hours, around 5 pm. Commenters do not like what was recorded and many of them are concerned about the future of the game if it is dominated by bots.

Such a development of the situation can destroy both the economy and the chat, which will be flooded with messages about gold-selling. To make matters worse, such accounts still take up space on the server, which leads to a situation where normal players simply quit the game because they don’t want to wait a few hours to play.