Lost Ark players create characters resembling heroes from other productions: LoL, God of War, anime and more

Lost Ark players create interesting characters resembling the heroes of other games.

Lost Ark is a huge production with a developed plot and many mechanics that are difficult to understand. In addition, it has an advanced system that allows you to create characters with the smallest details.

It didn’t take long for many interesting doubles of characters known from other productions to be created. There was also a reference to League of Legends – a MOBA game from Riot Games. It had mostly to do with the popular Arcane series, which won the hearts of hundreds of thousands of fans around the world.

Lost Ark characters

If a game has an advanced character editor, there will be many people who will spend hundreds of hours modeling every cheekbone, eyelash, eyebrow, mouth, and every other element of the face. Small masterpieces resembling characters from other famous productions come out then. For example, here Red_Zoom recreated Vi from League of Legends:

Here, the author himself created the green-haired Tatsumaki from the famous anime One Punch Man.

If someone has watched Teen Titans as a child, the work of Ast01f0, who is a big Raven fan, will put a smile on their face.

Drama followers know Chris Rock very well. It was he who was slapped at the Oscars by Will Smith. Now he’s in Lost Ark.

There will also be something for fans of The Witcher. This is Ciri by vorei.

Here’s the second version of Ciri, this time by Suchface.

The player with the nickname Quotth, on the other hand, created Widowmaker from Overwatch and he did really well.

The distinctive Omni-Man was also popular in memes. He also made an appearance in Lost Ark thanks to Red_Zoom.

Of course, Vi’s sister Jinx from League of Legends could not be missing. She was designed by engelslmao.

That’s all, but there are many more such works. You can find them on Reddit r/lostarkcustomization.