Zeri was causing so many problems in LoL that she got nerfed before patch 12.3

Riot nerfs Zeri and introduces a micropatch to official servers.

A week ago, a new heroine with some unique mechanics appeared on the official League of Legends servers. One of them is a continuous “Q” which is supposed to replace auto attacks.

Now it turns out that in combination with the ult and one item, the skill was so exaggerated that the developers decided to weaken it immediately. Therefore, a patch has already been introduced for the servers.

Zeri’s nerf

Usually, no one is surprised by the fact that developers change new champions as soon as they are added to the official servers. They often turn out to be too strong and disturb the balance. However, in the case of Zeri, players are rather skeptical about it. Especially that for a long period of time she won on average 40% of matches.

Now, the Win Rate has jumped to over 50%, possibly due to information about her future nerf in Update 12.3, which was due to appear on the servers on Wednesday, February 2. For this reason, Riot Games has decided not to wait and introduce the nerf right now. What has changed?

It’s related to her link to the Runaan’s Hurricane item and the “Q” upgrade ult. Until now, the “R” chains were the on-hit effect and were stacked by Hurricane arrows.

The champion was therefore able to deal a lot of damage, which did not seem to be well-balanced. For this reason, this interaction was removed tonight, as reported by Riot August on his Twitter account.