Leaks suggest the name and appearance of the next character in LoL

It looks like players got to know the name of the next character to appear in LoL.

A few days ago, Zeri appeared on the official League of Legends servers and received mixed opinions from the community. If that was not enough, it turns out that soon a new supporting heroine will be added to the game, about which until now was relatively little known.

Now it turns out that the leak of the new TFT set reveals the likely name and appearance of the next character. Of course, we can’t be certain about this, as with all leaks.

Renata in LoL

On the Chinese website, an unofficial leak of the future set of 6.5 to Teamfight Tactics has been made available. It turned out that not only Silco, which we know well from Arcane, the popular Netflix series, appears on it, but also Renata. This is probably a new and well-known character from the announcement.

Renata’s appearance and one skill have also been made available. Their quality, however, is not at the highest level, but something is noticeable.

In addition, one of the skills found in Teamfight Tactics has been signed: Renata’s auto attacks deal 1/2/5% of the target’s maximum health as True Damage. Of course, the skills in LoL and TFT are different.

Will the new character really be called Renata? Very likely, even nearly certain. Reddit is removing the related information, and Renata’s subreddit has been made private. So there is no major doubt.

When will she appear in League of Legends? This is not known. We will probably have to wait at least a few more weeks.