Zeri shows once again what she is capable of. The new heroine of LoL killed all opponents solo

Zeri single-handedly destroys the entire enemy team. An impressive action that has been immortalized.

LoL players have been able to look at the new heroine’s skillset for some time now. Although she seemed really strong at first, it eventually turned out that the character dealt so little damage that she had a lot of trouble coping in the competition right from the start.

At the moment, her win rate isn’t that bad anymore. Much of this is down to the fact that players have mastered the skill set and no longer consider Zeri a typical ADC. The heroine was already starting to cause problems, and as a result, the designers had to release nerfs that targeted her damage (Zeri was causing so many problems in LoL that she got nerfed before patch 12.3).

There are also clips online that show what the new League champion is capable of. One of them presented a situation in which the character chased the entire enemy team for two minutes. This time, it’s as impressive.

What is Zeri capable of?

A user with the nickname gksxj shared a minute-long clip that shows a snippet from the Ambition’s broadcast – he’s a streamer and a former jungler of the Gen.G team. He watched a clip published on the web with Zeri, who had practically lost the game. Her team was crushed by opponents, and the new heroine from LoL was the only one who escaped alive. The red team was very close to the enemy base and was close to ending the game.


The opponents destroyed the inhibitor, but Zeri did not let them rest. It was impossible to push the turrets and the team focused on the heroine. To their surprise, they could not cope with her, and she, using her considerable mobility, was constantly dealing damage and slowly getting closer to killing all the enemies.

It’s only been a week since the heroine’s premiere, and she has already messed up the League, even though her win rate initially struggled to surpass the 40% threshold. The heroine will certainly gain power and only after some time will her situation stabilize.