xQc boasts about his toxic approach to LoL – 7 banned accounts and more

A well-known streamer talks about how he behaves during LoL games.

It’s fair to say that toxicity is an integral part of League of Legends. The most famous title from Riot Games has for years been associated with an unpleasant community that not only insults each other but also makes it difficult for them to play and destroys the fun of the game by trolling or leaving the match. According to many, the toxicity in LoL is so great that it cannot be dealt with, and despite the bans, players showing inappropriate behavior keep returning with new accounts.

Some say that most matches will have at least one nasty player doing something that will spoil the fun. It turns out that one of such people is xQc, a well-known streamer from Twitch.

xQc about his behavior in League of Legends

Felix Lengyel, better known by the name xQc, is a Canadian Twitch streamer. A lot of people know him because Felix not only plays well-known titles but often speaks about them in a controversial way. This time was no different.

xQc makes no secret of the fact that he is one of the toxic players that almost everyone has met at least once on their way. According to the Canadian streamer, Riot has already banned his account 7 times, and he does not care about it himself and regularly throws new games.

Probably some players have heard that League of Legends is called “the most toxic game in history”, so this type of behavior is not particularly surprising to anyone. Additionally, the mentioned streamer is not one of the calmest players, so many fans are not surprised that he got banned in various games.

On one of the broadcasts, xQc commented on his behavior:

Sometimes, when I’m playing League, if I am losing my lane, if I feel like my team didn’t do good to win the game, I just throw the game. F**k it.

If I played my lane right and got camped, and my team was doing badly and we’re winning the game, I just throw that sh*t.

xQc did not limit himself in words and admitted that he did not intend to hide that he was deliberately spoiling the games.

Really, f**k it, dude. I don’t want to win the game with these motherf**kers.

The streamer is aware that if he changed his behavior, he could win a lot of the games in which he stopped trying and the match ended in failure. Even so, he admits that he has no intention of saving games where people make him angry.

I know that, if I focus up, then we win the game, but I’m sitting there and I decide that they do not deserve the win. That’s just how it is.

The Canadian’s words cause a lot of controversy and, as can be expected, some fans criticize him strongly, but there are also some who support his behavior.