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Twitch streamers got scared of going to Youtube. You can’t do a “reactions” there

Ludwig begins to seriously regret his decision to go to Youtube. He just got 2 bans.

Within a few days, Ludwig has already received 2 bans that sowed a grain of uncertainty in streamers. It turns out that Youtube eagerly and efficiently bans for “reacting to videos”, all because of copyright.

Is Youtube not that great?

It’s quite surprising that people realized it just now, but maybe before there was not such a large streamer whose content was strictly based on “reactions”. Surely you know broadcasts where streamers watch videos on Youtube.

Well, being a Twitch streamer it is virtually impossible, as sooner or later you will be banned. Ludwig himself really begins to regret his decision. He has already received two bans.

Turns out, Youtube isn’t such a great platform compared to Twitch at all. Maybe you can talk more, but you can’t watch everything you want.

Sure, you can separate sound and image sources and combine them, just like on TTV. Originally Ludwig just wanted to avoid all of this.


At this point, it turns out that switching to Youtube makes sense as long as the streamers don’t plan on making “reaction streams”. Otherwise, it won’t be any better than on Twitch.