New announcement in LoL. Doing a pentakill with this character launches a film animation

A strange, mysterious animation appeared on the Test Server. So far, it is not known whether this is a preview of a new character, mechanics, or someone from Riot was just bored.

The worst-case scenario is of course another Yone and Yasuo kind of character, some missing brother, or something else. It’s hard to say why at the moment, but getting a pentakill on a test server initiates something like a cutscene.

Yone, because he is what this is all about, becomes invulnerable to damage and all cooldowns are reset. The only thing you can die from during the animation is, as Vandrill writes, a laser from a fountain.

Movie animation with Yone

This is one of the biggest puzzles when it comes to LoL. Is this an announcement of a character, some new mechanics, some bonus pentakill “effect”? A short excerpt from Vandrilla’s film shows what it’s all about:


Video: | Vandiril on Youtube

What this is about? After the pentakill, the skills are reset, the animation starts, Yone is impossible to be eliminated and that’s it, the effect disappears after a while and the game continues. But why? And why is it only on the PBE?

Maybe Riot is testing something like this, some new interactions after pentakill, and it’s just been released too early on PBE? There is no word about it in any description or information from Riot.