Why did the characters in LoL just start disappearing? This is definitely not a preview of anything new to come

One of the LoL streams showed a strange situation – Sona just disappeared from the map. Why?

Various bugs happen in League of Legends. However, not all of them are due to errors related to a specific character or item. There are also those that are related to the operation of servers and how information about changes to the map during the match is sent to the players.

There was an error on one of the LoL streams. It was as if the character just disappeared from the game. What exactly happened?

Bugs with disappearing heroes

A strange situation with the disappearing opponent occurred during one of the League of Legends streams. The recording shows how two members of the blue team are trying to attack the enemy Sona. This one doesn’t move for a while and then it just disappears from the map. Surprised players ping the spot. A few seconds later, you can see that the heroine is under her own tower.


It is worth mentioning that these types of errors do not apply to a specific character. In the example given, it was Sona, although desynchronizations between players can happen in any match, regardless of who is in it. Some fans only experienced them on one champion, others on different champions, many times.

I started seeing this kind of desync since around pre-season patch. Don’t know what Riot broke to cause this to happen.

I’ve seen something like this with kindred, only with her and multiple times. Really weird, I dont know since when it started because I permabanned her for like the second half of the season.

Some commentators wondered how it was possible that the entire blue team saw Sona in the wrong place. What do these types of problems result from?

Server desync has been in League of Legends for years, and it can work in a variety of ways. Sometimes players complained that their character got stuck at the start of the game, and after a few minutes, it appeared in a completely different place on the map. On another occasion, the game misread the position of the enemy during a team fight, and the whole team saw him in a place where he was long gone.

The LoL community knows even stranger cases. It happened that the game didn’t load one team, or even all 10 players, making them invisible for most of the game.