Who will be responsible for Neeko’s mini rework in LoL? Everything that is currently known

Riot has confirmed that Nekko will receive a small rework, what more is known about this?

This year, Riot Games started doing small remakes of some characters. The developers now limit the release of new heroes and can focus on reworks of faces that are already known to everyone.

Changes to Olaf, Swain, Sivir, Taliyah, and Janna have already been implemented, and two more are planned. An employee some time ago confirmed that the devs are also keeping an eye on Neeko and Syndra. Now it is known that work on the shapeshifter has started.

Neeko’s mini rework

LoL players are happy with Riot’s work on champions in the middle of the season. Among other things, they contributed to the increased popularity and usefulness of Ahri and Swain and several other characters. Now it’s time for two more, and work on Neeko has already started or will start soon. This was confirmed by the rather well-known Riot Phlox on his Twitter account.

Unfortunately, he did not provide any details, nor did he confirm what exactly they were working on. They will certainly try to patch the weaknesses of the character and increase her usefulness in a given role. At the moment, the chameleon wins 50% of matches, but her popularity fluctuates around 2%. This is not a lot compared to the changed Swain (8%) or Sivir (20%).