What skins can appear in LoL? New leaks suggest that there will be a lot of them

Skins that might appear in League of Legends. New Prestige one, the return of the Spirit Blossom series, and more.

LoL players have always been very positive about the upcoming skins for the game, no matter if it’s a completely new series or a regular continuation of one of the previous ones. Many players also like to wait for skins for their mains to be able to expand their collection and enjoy new content for their favorite champion.

There is really a lot of new content released this season, but it’s not over yet. A person known for leaks decided to share with the community a list of all the expected skins and interestingly – there are a lot of them. Including rumors of another Prestige for Ahri.

New skins for LoL

The League Leak Officer has posted some interesting information about future skins. Although the season is slowly coming to an end, it turns out that there is still a lot of content waiting for players, such as skins for many characters. The first one is to go to Sylas and it will be Ashen Knight.

The leaker claims that this one will be in the game soon, in the coming patches planned for September.

The next series is to be “Fright Night”. Such a skin is to be given to, among others, Draven and should appear before Worlds or during Halloween, but remember that this information is still unconfirmed.

Further on, the leaker mentions Neon Inferno Jhin and Pyke. Unfortunately, there are no previews of their supposed appearance. Additionally, the person responsible for the leak is not entirely sure when they will be released. Perhaps it will also be September updates. The leak of skins from the Spirit Blossom series is more certain, more about them in this article: CLICK.

Later this year, there will be something for fans of sports. The skins are expected to be released, but it is not clear what event they will represent. It was supposed to be the Asian Games 2022, but this event has been postponed and it is possible that they will be for the Qatar World Cup.

Fans of tailed Ahri can also expect something for themselves. An interesting clue was found in the files, which contain information about the upcoming Prestige Edition. This will be the second skin for this character. It was signed as “Project 2021”, but there is a small chance that this event will appear this year. Leaker says it could be Fight Night Ahri.

There are also rumors that it will be designed by a popular brand, just like Qiyana by Louis Vuitton. However, Ahri can be taken care of by Tiffany & Co, as the articles on suggest.

At the moment, that’s all we have been given. There is a lot of information, but it is not known how much will be confirmed. While the leaker has a good reputation, it’s still worth remembering that these are just leaks.