When will LoL hero prices change and in which patch will Riot change the value of BE in loot?

One Rioter decided to summarize the changes in character prices. When exactly will they go into effect?

About a month ago, Riot first announced that it planned to revamp the prices of its characters. As you know, there are more than 160 characters in the game, and their price has so far depended on the release date. In other words – the older the champion, the lower the price.

Unfortunately, such a system did not work at all well, because in practice many heroes stopped at 6300 BE, despite the fact that several years had passed since their release. This state of affairs strongly disliked the community, which has regularly complained about it, for example, on Reddit.

The time has come for big changes, and the developers have announced that they want to rework the values of champions and price them on a different basis – Big changes in the prices of champions in League of Legends. Yuumi for 450 BE, Ryze for 4800 BE. It’s easy to guess that such an announcement caused quite a stir among fans.

Players began to wonder whether it was worth converting character shards to Blue Essence and if so – when is the best time to do it? There was a lot of inconsistent information, so Riot decided to summarize the dates of the price changes.

Price changes in League of Legends

Jordan “BarackProbama” Checkman, one of the rather well-known Rioters, has commented on the changes in the prices of League of Legends heroes. He is aware that there has been quite a bit of confusion in the community, and many players are unsure when exactly specific price modifications will occur.

In a recent tweet, Rioter wrote:

Clarifying some things about League Champion price changes:

The changes to the prices in the store are in the current patch (13.5) and go live tomorrow (3/9) in most regions.

The changes to blue essence values in loot go live in 13.7.

Sorry for any confusion!