What is known about Prime Gaming’s League of Legends capsules? A Rioter releases official information

Developers officially mention changes to the Prime capsule from LoL.

Players with Prime Gaming subscriptions can regularly pick up additional content for many popular titles. Among them are games from Riot such as Valorant, Legends of Runeterra, and the most popular League of Legends.

A sizable portion of fans use the offer mainly for LoL, so the news that Riot’s partnership would be ending was quite a disappointment for them.

A Rioter talks about Prime capsules.

Some time ago, it was possible to learn that Riot’s partnership with Prime Gaming subscription was coming to an end. Fans were able to pick up their last capsule, and it was a disappointment to many of them that there would soon be no more free content as part of the partnership. However, doubts were quickly dispelled and it was confirmed that Prime capsules will return, and now one Rioter has confirmed exactly what will change.

Riot Meddler shared official information about the Prime capsule in one of his posts.

Hey folks – an update on the Prime Gaming capsules. We’re working on ensuring the capsules continue, but some changes might not be finalized until mid-year. I wanted to give you all a quick update on what to expect in the short term though.

Beginning in March, League capsules will be fairly similar to last year. The Mythic Essence will be removed though, along with one Champ shard. There will however now be a Mystery Ward Skin and a permanent champion in each capsule in addition to the other prior contents.

Additionally, players in SEA will now be able to link their Amazon accounts and claim Prime Gaming capsules for the first time. We’ll likely have some more changes to the League capsules later this year, but we’ll keep you posted.

The above information is really good news for all players who were worried that the cooperation between Amazon and Riot is over for good. Fortunately, it turns out that it will continue, but with minor changes.