Riot announces changes to penalties for leaving games and being AFK in League of Legends

The developers of LoL announce that now the penalties for leaving gameplay and inactivity will be greater.

League of Legends is a multiplayer game in which 10 people meet on a single map. Two teams compete against each other to win, so squad shortages hit one side hard. So no one likes it when their ally suddenly leaves the match. Unfortunately, the problem of leaving games is really big, and people do it for really many reasons – often simply out of spite or anger at the rest of the team.

Riot wants to do something about it, which is why it is introducing various penalties for players who not only leave the game but also are not active, i.e. they are simply AFK. The developers have taken another look at what the consequences of leaving games are. What has changed in this system?

Changes to penalties for leaving and being AFK

On the occasion of the description of the latest update, the developers announced that they are making changes to the punishment system for people who leave the game or remain idle in it.

 AFKs are a common problem in League games, but our data shows us that most players who leave games do so infrequently enough that they don’t ever get a penalty. We know that sometimes disconnects happen, but we still want to ensure we still provide a reminder that leaving games always hurts your teammates.

We are continually updating and revising our systems to improve your experience in-game, so we’ll be keeping an eye on this addition as it rolls out. 

  • AFK Timeout: There will now be a 1-minute queue delay penalty for all players that AFK or leave games.
  • No More Immunity: Fixed a bug where sometimes frequent leavers would not get a penalty.

Dodge penalties are increasing proportionally to the LP increases in patch 13.4. 

  • First dodge: -3 LP ⇒ -5 LP
  • Subsequent dodges: -10LP ⇒ -15 LP