What about LoL commentator packs? Riot Games confirms the sad news

Official commentator packs from Riot, what happened to them?

Some time ago, Riot Games announced its own league of legends commentator votes packs. Famous commentators and presenters who became known on the esports scene were to take part in them.

However, several months have passed since the announcement, and fans are still waiting and asking what happened to them. Rioter, who provided information about the current work on this project, spoke about one of such topics. However, they are not happy.

Commentator packs

Probably many people have heard about the packs with lectors that were supposed to go to LoL and replace the standard voice lines already known by most players. In cooperation with the commentators during the matches, we could listen to Phrek, Kobe, and more, who would experience such important moments with us as taking the Dragon, Baron, or turret.

Interestingly, the packages were also tested on the PBE, but… unfortunately, they did not go to League of Legends, and the work on them was interrupted due to the current situation in the world.

What is known about them now? Riot Ken_Adams_NSA decided to keep the fans informed and said that at the moment they are not planned and will not be released in the near future.

It is possible, however, that Riot will return to this in a few months and release commentators packs. They enjoyed great popularity, especially among streamers.