The hero of LoL who is doing the worst at Worlds. He is the only one who has not won any match so far

There are a lot of different characters to Worlds, some are doing great, others… much worse.

So far, the matches are really interesting when it comes to the variety of heroes. Even the statistics from the first days show it. After all, Riot’s changes have made PRO’s able to squeeze a lot more out of more characters.

However, not everyone is doing very well somehow. There is, for example, a hero who still has not been able to win a single match. Sadly, it is not the biggest surprise.

Who is doing poorly at Worlds?

The hero who was banned 8 times, showed up 4 times, and failed to win a single match is Yone. At the same time, he is the only character to appear on Worlds and not win a match.

Among the surprises is also Amumu, a hero currently incredibly popular in SoloQ, and at the World Cup, he does rather average. He has a 27% winrate, where only the mentioned Yone and Gankplank do worse. And it was even worse until yesterday Amumu had a 22% winrate.

The worst TOP 5 are:

  • Yone,
  • Gankplank,
  • Amumu,
  • Jayce,
  • Xin Zhao.

Irelia is also definitely worth mentioning, who is very strong in SoloQ, and her strength is also confirmed in Worlds, although again, she does not dominate games in the way it might seem. The character is banned or picked in 95% of the games, making it TOP 2 in this respect. Only Miss Fortune appears more often. She manages to end 50% of the matches with a victory.

Syndra has the best win rate at the moment, so far she has managed to win 100% of the games. There is also Draven and Poppy, but they only appeared in one game.

The best TOP 5 are:

  • Draven (1 game),
  • Syndra (4 games),
  • Poppy (1 game),
  • Qiyana (5 games),
  • Leona (24 games).

Surprises? In general, there are several of them on Worlds, while the biggest one of them is the most talked-about Amumu and his, so far, weak disposition. Maybe it’s bad luck, or maybe the character is not that great at this highest level?