Unusual, fan rework of Skarner from LoL, which turned out really well

Awesome Skarner rework designed by a fan.

There are a few characters in League of Legends that the community thinks need a rework. One of them is Skarner, who lost the last vote but will be competing again this year.

One player eager to make changes decided to do it on his own and designed his new visuals and abilities. Interestingly, as commenters claim, it fits perfectly with the Arcane series.

Skarner’s fan project

The League of Legends community has been able to surprise more than once. Be it with amazing outfits, fanart, or intricate designs. This time the Reddit user Jiierf showed the world a full rework of Skarner he created.

His design skills focus on his crystal, and the previously known zones are disappearing from the map. In addition, an ultimate is also reworked. While the Crystal Vanguard could still catch enemies, in the new version he would drag them underground.

Players in the comments praise the incredible amount of work that the author has put into the new project. Additionally, they claim that while it requires a few tweaks, it is incredibly well-polished. Perhaps Riot Games will be inspired by the work while creating an official rework.