This will be the first such character in the history of LoL. Riot creates a bot lane hero who will be…

Recently, there has been a whole lot of different kinds of information about what Riot is planning. It was easy to completely miss some things.

In our upcoming characters list, we’ve mentioned someone who Riot employees themselves refer to as the “Unusual bot lane hero.” Everyone wondered what this custom gameplay was all about – whether it was looks, gameplay, or maybe something else.

The developers may have intentionally, or perhaps accidentally, revealed why we are talking about someone non-standard here. Few, however, noticed that Riot smuggled information about it in one of the videos for the 2022 season.

This will be the first such character in LoL

Everyone knows Riot is creating a character for the bottom lane. Its description is:

Finally, a sneak peek of a very mysterious new bot lane champion coming later this year.

In theory, nothing more is known, and yet something has been found. In the video presenting the 2022 season, we have the following information:

“Melee Bot” – the developers are working on a bot lane hero that will use melee attacks. At the same time, it is the first character to be created from start to finish as a Melee for the bottom lane.

Can this be considered an experiment? Of course, the hero will have to have a few things if Riot wants him to be anyway playable. It is about, for example:

  • Synergy with the second hero on the line.
  • A ranged skill that will allow you to farm.
  • High mobility to allow the character to move off the line.

The players themselves mention the possibility of avoiding damage, a way to survive the constant attack by opponents, etc.

It’s hard to imagine how all of this will work together, but Riot certainly has a plan and is certainly testing something already. It’s been known for a long time that Bottom Lane is not in a good condition, so maybe this is some way to revive it?