This is what Wild Rift looks like in China. Two characters at once – ADC controlled with hands, support with legs

A video of someone playing League of Legends: Wild Rift with their feet has conquered the Internet. Who did they play and how did they do?

Every time someone thinks they’ve seen it all, a new League of Legends player appears and comes up with something amazing. This time was no different.

A Chinese player has delighted the Internet with his unusual approach to gameplay. The idea is to play on two accounts at the same time, and on one using his feet. Sounds unbelievable, right?

Playing with your feet in Wild Rift

Many LoL players say that a big problem is finding a good duo to play ranked games. Often friends don’t have the right rank or don’t play the exact role that is expected. In theory, you can look for strangers to play together, but what’s the point of doing that when you can play duo by yourself. Literally.

A post appeared on Twitter that quickly gained incredible popularity. Nearly 20,000 people liked the post with a video of a Chinese player playing on two accounts at once. The description read as follows:

A Chinese Wild Rift player solved all his duo lane problems by… playing both roles with his hands and feet. Diamond rank.


The Chinese player wanted to make sure his support was at the right level, so he took matters into his own hands – although in this case, it’s better to say “into his own feet”…?

People commenting on the video were very impressed because good ADC and support play requires not only chemistry and mutual trust, but also good reflexes. Some people can’t get into Diamond playing the traditional way, let alone split their attention between two accounts at the same time.

Although the video was treated mainly as a funny curiosity and a crazy idea of one of the fans, some people raised the topic of a problem in Wild Rift thanks to it – and that is poor matchmaking. Some people say that it is very difficult to get people of the right level with whom to cooperate.