The perfect Pantheon’s ult from League of Legends? The player defeated his opponents and not only that

One of the players shared a clip of a great game. He chose the perfect time to use Pantheon’s ultimate.

Pantheon is a hero whose ultimate is truly distinctive. Even new players who met him in their match at least once recognize it. Champion’s ult allows many interesting moves, from surprising the opposing team, to quickly moving across the map to steal a Baron, or ending the game when the enemy base is open.

One player shared a video of Pantheon ulting perfectly. Not only did he beat his opponents, but he also did something that made a significant contribution to winning the match.

Victory thanks to Pantheon

Virtually every League of Legends player knows that dragons or Baron Nashor are an important element of the game, so it’s worth keeping an eye on them, and when enemies want to kill them – often risk and jump into their group to steal an important target.

While ordinary dragons are useful, the strongest of them is the Elder Dragon. It is often during the fight for the Elder Dragon that it turns out which team will actually win the game.

One of the players shared a clip on Reddit, which shows how one of the teams is fighting the Elder Dragon. At the same time, Pantheon on the opposing team decides to use his ultimate.

The player spectacularly falls straight into the dragon’s den and not only steals the Elder Dragon but also kills the enemies.


As you can see in the video, the situation of the blue team was not very good. The opponents have captured all the dragons so far and were leading in the number of kills. In addition, the blue base had two inhibitors destroyed, and additionally, an army of minions entered it.

Pantheon timed the step in with his ult perfectly. If he had chosen to do it a bit later or sooner, the whole action could have gone completely different and the Elder Dragon would not have ended up in the hands of his team.

According to the information on Reddit, the hero’s team ended the game shortly after the situation presented, winning the coveted victory.