Riot doesn’t see a way to improve him. Will there be a rework? “He’s very strong and people don’t see him”

Lead Character Designer Riot August spoke again on the characters that are at a standstill.

League of Legends already has so many characters that it is impossible to balance them all equally. It’s quite understandable and natural. We’ve posted several times recently about characters stuck at the point where Riot doesn’t quite know what to do with them.

This group is joined by one more hero, about which Riot finally told a little more. So far, all information about him was from 2020 or 2021, there was nothing up to date. Now we know how the studio sees the situation of Aurelion Sol.

Rework is needed, but there is a big problem with that

Riot August admits that the best option for Aurelion Sol would be a rework. However, there is a big problem with that. According to the developers, the character is well designed and “very, very, very strong”. The problem is to be with the players themselves who are unable to use this power, especially at lower levels.

The possible rework is problematic because, as Rioter says, the stars are Aurelion Sol’s entire identity, and people also play it for them.

Chat question: “Are yoiu satisfied with the condition of Aurelion Sol?”


Then Rioter talked about the rework, but it ended up with basic star mechanics again. And so Aruelion Sol is the 2nd least popular character in all of LoL.

It’s hard not to get the impression that it was simply written off and that’s it. The fact that his winrate increases as his rank increases, but his popularity – not so much. Hardly anyone mains him, nor actually plays him. Aurelion Sol underwent the last changes in 2021 in July, and interestingly, it was a nerf.