The heroic sacrifice of the LoL player who saved the game from loss by sacrificing himself

Twisted Fate sacrifices himself to stop the approaching Sion.

League of Legends players have a variety of tactics to win matches. Some of them rely on dying incessantly, while others focus on other key aspects of the game.

There are also important decisions, such as catching individual players, destroying towers when the opponent is on the other side of the map, or even… stopping Sion with your own body. Twisted Fate showed it in one of the viral clips.

Twisted Fate stops Sion

They say that not every hero wears a cape, but Twisted Fate certainly deserves it. This is shown by the action that took place in ARAM. Without hesitating for a moment, the player decided to save the game and used his ultimate to stop Sion from rushing towards the exposed Nexus.

Unfortunately, due to the fact that he had little HP, this attempt resulted in his return to the fountain. However, he managed to achieve his goal.


As we can see in the video of the Vegan-bandit Redditor, the amazing response time also played a role. TF literally stomped at the perfect moment and eventually, the opponent was defeated and the Nexus was saved.

Unfortunately, the game ended in a defeat for Sona’s team, but Twisted Fate became the hero anyway, and the topic on Reddit in one day gathered almost 3,500 pluses.