Close to the record for the highest LP in the history of LoL. After only 289 games and on a surprising line

The Chinese “super server” is showing its strength again, one of the players has already raised over 2000LP.

League of Legends is divided into several different servers, and everyone knows that. Few, however, are aware of what is happening on the Chinese server. It is relatively difficult to track, but it is possible.

The players there are very specific, but also strong in what they do and how they play. For comparison, currently, the EUW player with 1456LP has the most of it of any other server.

In China, TOP 1 already has more than 2000LP

Meanwhile, in China, the TOP 1 has already exceeded 2075LP and is not about to stop.

What’s so amazing about that? This is the player who chooses the top lane only. He literally wreaks havoc on the entire server. He is probably the best toplaner in China.

Playing for 8 hours a day, LoL is just like work. Imagine a match where everyone is playing for one person, knowing that if their line goes well, you have won the match.

Relatively few people know about it because watching Chinese players is quite difficult. Hardly anyone will climb huya-like platforms to see one person. In any case, TOP’s main managed to get 2075LP in 289 games, which is certainly admirable.

It is still a bit short of the record. The highest LP fell on the Chinese server in 2018 and was 2300.

Will it be broken? It is possible, but it is a really difficult task, although looking at the results of 上 单 天花板 to date, one may believe that he will be able to achieve it. It is a pity that this server is so difficult to find. Streams on huya, everything else on Chinese apps.