The new pass system from League of Legends weakens them once again. What did the players notice?

Players are frustrated with the upcoming changes to the Passes. What hidden nerf is coming to the game this time?

League of Legends Passes is one of the main attractions that Riot has recently been offering to fans. Every now and then there are events in the game that usually introduce new themed skins, and players can earn points over a period of time, which can then be exchanged for content in the Hextech Workshop.

Each subsequent pass is slightly different from the previous one, and the changes are not necessarily positively received by players. The previous Debonair event was related to a key change – from the moment it was introduced, tokens were obtained not for winning and playing games, but for the time spent in them. Gamers quickly noticed that the system was underdeveloped and were frustrated that Riot implemented it.

While the community still has the opportunity to earn Prestige Points in the Lunar Revel 2022 Pass, Riot announced that the next event will introduce an entirely new currency. This means a comprehensive overhaul of the rewards that players have been used to. Those who have already noticed that Riot’s plans are once again reducing the value of purchased passes.

How does Riot nerf passes again?

KenAdamsNSA, responsible, inter alia, for the events that go to League of Legends, announced in one of his entries what the rewards will look like in the next passes. Players will no longer be able to earn Prestige Points and these will be replaced with Mythic Essence.

Players have noticed that there is a problem with this solution. The pass missions will only offer 25 Mythic Essence, which is significantly less than 25 Prestige Points and 2 Gemstones (the total value of the rewards is equivalent to 45 ME). This means fans who buy passes will lose almost half of what they’ve been receiving so far.

You can find many comments on the web that directly refer to the constantly falling value of successive passes.

Greed never stops. Riot learns and evolves just like EA did.

There is still a lot of time to introduce the next event, but it is not known whether Riot will decide to respond to players’ criticism. Many fans still believe that purchasing a pass is one of the best choices you can make when you want to spend your RP on something.