The new emotes for LoL refer to popular memes. Here are their originals

Riot has once again recreated the meme-themed emotes. Who will get them this time?

What a meme is, everyone knows. Almost every online user knows that certain funny pictures, screenshots from animations or movies, or pictures with funny text are quickly becoming popular. No wonder that many people refer to them, creating fanarts with a similar pose or face.

Three months ago, some emotes and icons related to Worlds 2021 and Night & Dawn have appeared. Gamers quickly noticed that the graphics were very similar to some famous memes. This is how Riot started a series of emotes associated with popular pictures from the internet. Admittedly, the idea was pretty cool as players appreciated this approach a lot and found emotes of this type to look really fun.

So the time has come for another batch of graphics. What do they refer to this time?

New League of Legends emotes

Some new art has been added to the PBE. New emotes will be added for: Swain, Singed, Ekko, Renekton, Fiora, Kennen, and Ornn. Even after looking at these cosmetic accessories for the first time, you can see that some of the expressions look very familiar.

The new emotes refer to several popular memes that appeared en masse on the Internet. Some of them are still used, others have aged a bit, but remain in the memory of Internet users.