Riot changes the teleport in LoL. Possibility of teleporting only to towers and upgrading it only after this minute

Teleport changes are currently being tested on the PBE.

In addition to the items and the heroes themselves, Summoner Spells are also important in League of Legends. Although the developers hardly change them and regardless of the state of the game, they remain the same, this is one that undergoes modifications from time to time.

We are talking about a teleport, which appeared in patch notes as many as 2 times in 2021. In addition, since 2013, Riot has been remaking it practically every season. What do the creators want to do with it this time?

New teleport

Today, the update marked with the number 11.24 appeared in LoL, which will be one of the last this year and season. At the same time, another set of changes for testing was introduced to the test server. Among them is a small modification of the teleport, which improves after the 14th minute – the turret armor disappears.

Additionally, its icon has also been changed when it undergoes a transformation. What does it look like?

As we can see, the cooldown scaling with the level has been removed and two have been used. The first is 360 seconds (6 minutes), which is one minute shorter than the current one, and the second, “unleashed”, with 270 seconds of cooldown – one minute longer than the current CD at hero level 18.

In addition, until the 14th minute, we will be able to use it only on the towers. This means that we do not teleport either to the ward or to the minion. As a result, its popularity is likely to decline significantly, and the community has already started boycotting this change.

Remember, however, that this is still a test server and all plans may still change.