Chromas of the latest Elderwood and Firelight skins from League of Legends. How do they look?

New content has been released on the PBE related to the latest skins for Ekko, Rek’Sai, and Gnar.

Yesterday, three new skins from League of Legends were revealed. Two of them – Gnar and Rek’Sai, come from the well-known Elderwood series, which is currently incredibly extensive, because the Ancient Wood universe includes, among others, Dryad Soraka or Emerald Taric, but also all Elderwood skins – Ahri, Azir, Bard, Hecarim, Ornn, Veigar and more.

The third of the newest skins is Firelight Ekko, a skin referring to the animated series from League of Legends – Arcane. Arcane does not really need to be introduced to anyone, because both the series and the event related to it in LoL were so big that not only fans of the game heard about it, but also people who have nothing to do with the game.

New cosmetic items

Przypominamy, że informacje o dramach nie zawierają żadnych opinii, przedstawiają jedynie fakty, cytaty i streszczenia tego, co mówią obie strony.

The article may contain Arcane spoilers. [/ drama]

The Firelight Ekko skin, of course, alludes to a mysterious gang called Fireflies. For some episodes, no one knew who the leader of the Fireflies was, because his identity was not revealed, and the character himself was hiding behind a characteristic mask. As soon as it turned out that the leader of the group was Ekko, many players felt that Riot had to issue such a skin because it would be a wasted opportunity. Today it is known that the creators actually released it and it is a skin for 1350 RP.

How do these chromas look? Each of the skins will receive 8 colors that can be seen in the following sets.


Elderwood Gnar
8 chromas
Elderwood Rek’Sai
8 chromas
Firelight Ekko
8 chromas
So far, no other elements related to skins, such as emotes or icons, have appeared on the test server. It is possible that they won’t be there at all, since the previous Arcane skins also did not have icons or borders related to the skin itself, but each of the heroes received an exclusive icon that came with the skin pack.