LoL players have found a new way to troll ranked queues and bypass the banning system

A new way to troll ranked queues in League of Legends.

Every now and then new ways to troll matches emerge in League of Legends. Although these players’ accounts are usually banned quickly, sometimes they find methods to avoid punishment for as long as possible.

A synonym and a character closely related to trolling is Nunu, who also often appears in the Disco version. However, probably seeing it, everyone already knows what the intentions of the player are. Now, however, an ideal champion has been found for this purpose.

A character perfect for trolling?

In League of Legends, players have almost 160 different characters at their disposal. Each of them has a different set of skills, but among them, there is a heroine who is increasingly used to lose a game. We are talking about Yuumi, released two years ago.

How does it work? Very simply. It is enough to phase through an ally, click on something from time to time, and when they die, die yourself with them and go on to another. What can be achieved in this way? The player from EUNE showed that he won as many as 12 out of 71 matches this way.

He does not buy any items, does not attack enemies, and does not use potions. Some even believe that it is an ordinary bot programmed to get into the closest hero.

Why does the system not catch the account and ban it automatically? Because the character does not die on purpose, nor does it afk on spawn. The “W” mechanics of Yuumi allows you to sit freely in your “host” and the system recognizes that we play even if we are not doing anything.