A surprising way to stop Vex’s ult and Akali’s “E” and surprise your opponents in LoL

Inevitable death? It turns out that this can be interrupted in an unusual way.

There are some really interesting mechanics in League of Legends that allow players to quickly give away gold to their opponent. Of course, it is about the popular Akali’s “E”, which is able to transfer us directly to the base.

It turns out, however, that apart from flash, it is possible to stop the inevitable death in the base with another interesting trick, and this is not about Zhonya’s Hourglass, but about the teleport.

Stopping the inevitable

Some characters in League of Legends are known from their mains having a skill click syndrome, even if it costs them to give their opponent gold. For example, Katarina and her dagger, which must always be picked up, Lee Sin’s “Q”, which must always be used when hit, and Akali’s “E”, that is, jump to the character again.

However, Akali’s “E” works in such a way that it is able to move us to the other end of the map if the opponent teleports or returns to the base. This means that we will be at the fountain right away and we will die. This can be avoided by flashing in place, using Zhonya’s Hourglass, or… by casting a teleport, which is an unusual phenomenon. Especially since it takes a few seconds, and the animation can be interrupted by any cc or moving the hero.


Does it only work with Akali? It turns out that it is not. The recently released Vex also has a dash mechanic regardless of their distance. So if we hit the opponent just before his return to the base, we are able to move with him.

Here’s what it looks like:


Does it change anything? Rather not, we can surprise both our allies, who will be wondering what we just did, and our opponents. However, we will lose the teleport, which has a long cooldown.