Nobody wants to play this role in LoL anymore. It’s only getting worse every week

Trends in LoL are starting to change a lot, more and more is being said about the most popular role and the one that nobody wants.

In 2020, Riot explicitly announced that the MID is not only the most popular but also the most important role in the entire LoL. Therefore, over the years, the focus was mainly on this line, and many key decisions were made based on the statistics in the central part of the map.

This has changed, however. MID is not the most chosen one anymore and interestingly, the role of support may not be the one that everyone avoids in a moment.

How much are role trends changing?

If someone asked you what role is the least desirable in LoL, most would probably say support. And in fact, nobody wants to play support, but that’s nothing new. It has been like this for years and hardly anyone is surprised.

Support, however, has a competitor with which it competes really hard. These two roles are separated by less than 1%, exactly 0.6%.

It will turn out in a moment that not support, but ADC will be the one that nobody wants to choose. The popularity of this role is declining every week. The case is similar with the middle line. Likewise, if someone asked you about the most popular line, you would say MID. It turns out that this is not the most sought-after role anymore.

Now people want to play TOP. Here the advantage is also not big, but bigger than between ADC and support.

The jungle is ideally in the middle, this seems to be the most balanced role at the moment, at least when we are talking about all ranks, i.e. the entire LoL section. It all changes depending on the rank.

The ranks above the diamond are the farthest from this “whole LoL”. There, MID still reigns supreme, but the jungle comes second, then ADC, TOP and support.

You could say the higher your rank, the more you’ll appreciate a jungler or ADC, but that’s not entirely true either. At the top, people just begin to grasp the positioning and protection of their ADC.