New Ekko skin not worth the price? Players accuse the developer of a cash jump

Players think that the new Ekko skin is not worth its price.

In League of Legends, the new skins are nothing strange. The game is free to play, and spending money does not affect your character’s strength or match-winning possibilities in any way. This means it is not Pay2Win. So the creators earn money on additional content, but this particular one does not necessarily meet the previously set standards.

This time it’s about a new skin for Ekko – Firelight. It turns out that its values were overstated, which displeased the community and they quickly began to boycott it.

Firelight Ekko needs an SFX?

Yesterday Riot Games published a preview of some new skins. One of them, Firelight Ekko, is a reference to Arcane. It will cost 1350 RP and looks like this:


Although it has new visuals, the sounds remain the same as in its basic version. Therefore, the skin shouldn’t cost 1350 RP. Here’s how a Redditor meowpatrol compared it to the rest:

  • Academy – 750RP

    • New model
    • No new visual effects
    • No new sound effects
  • Sandstorm – 975 RP

    • New model
    • New visual effects
    • New sound effects
  • Firelight – 1350 RP

    • New model
    • New visual effects
    • No new sound effects apart from the Return to Base animation

As we can see, the skin for 975 RP from 2015 offers more than the one from the end of 2021. In addition, it does not have the mask that the hero in the Arcane series had, which also disappointed players. It is therefore not surprising that so many criticized the new content.

The commentators also complained about manipulation, because in the topic of skins Riot emphasized that they contain new sound effects and these only concerns return to the base.

Therefore, the Rioter decided to comment, where admitted her mistake, and emphasized that SFX actually only applies to recall and changed the description. However, players did not accept the apology and continued asking why this skin is still 1350 RP.

As we can see, its explanation was not very well received. Even being defended by another Rioter didn’t help.

Will Riot change the skin and actually add new sound effects? While sometimes developers listen to players and rewrite new content, the changes mainly affect the animations or the appearance of individual animations, not sounds. This means that there is a really small chance that they will have time until release, and if they really want to fix their mistake, the skin will get updates after the premiere.