Teemo after buffs is broken? Endless possibility to blind your opponent in LoL

Powerful Teemo who wreaks havoc on the test server.

Riot Games decided that in Update 11.21, one of the most hated heroes in League of Legends will receive a buff. Although players emphasize that his biggest problem is the lack of escape, the developers decided to make a rather surprising enhancement.

Namely, his Q has been greatly strengthened, which, with the right build, is able to completely exclude shooters from the game, depriving them of the possibility of auto-attacking.

Huge Teemo buff

Rather, no one is surprised that Riot makes controversial and often misunderstood decisions. Similarly with Teemo, whose changes are currently being tested on the PBE server and wreaking havoc there. All this is thanks to the powerful Q buff:

      • Cooldown lowered from 8 to 7 seconds
      • Blinding duration increased from 1,5/1,75/2/2,25/2,5 seconds to 2/2,25/2,5/2,75/3 seconds
      • Projectile speed increased from 1500 to 2500

As we can see, the CD has been decreased, the duration of the blinding has been increased and the projectile speed has been increased. As a result, the hero with a large amount of Skill Boost is able to infuse the enemy with a blinding effect indefinitely. The well-known YouTuber Vandiril showed it perfectly.


It is worth noting that QSS or Cleanse will be of little help in this case because after just a few attacks Teemo will put a blind on us once again.

Will Riot do something about it? It is possible that the creators will withdraw from this change or weaken it a bit. Otherwise, we can expect a large influx of mains of this hero.