New skins related to the Arcane series from the Runeterra universe will be added to LoL? Where did these guesses come from?

Skins related to the series, the action of which takes place in the game universe, will appear in LoL.

League of Legends is a game that needs no introduction. The MOBA production has grown so much that in its universe you can find, among others, music bands that have also gained worldwide popularity and have gone far beyond the game’s borders. Based on the events related to LoL, in cooperation with one of the most popular streaming services – Netflix – an animated series is created.

There were a lot of trailers for the series on the web, in which you could see the heroes known from League. Several of them appeared there really often, which may indicate how important a role they will play in the presented world. Fans believe the show’s premiere could not go unnoticed in LoL, and they have noticed a clue that suggests some characters may receive new skins.

Arcane skins

The talks that skins related to the upcoming series can be added to League of Legends began when the artwork for the next TFT set was revealed. Champion rankings often featured content that would later go to LoL.

The three heroines, who appeared extremely often in Arcane trailers, received graphics that correspond to the style of the series.

The sixth set of TFT will hit League of Legends in Update 11.22, which will be released to live servers on November 3. The premiere of the Arcane series is scheduled for more or less the same period. Its first episode is set to premiere just a few days later – on November 7.

Fans hope that the above graphics will not be just splash art of the characters in TFT mode, and will actually show up in the game.